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This website contains information about Innolab Capital ApS and Innolab Capital Index A / S (hereinafter “Companies”). The companies are subject to Danish law and have Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet) as supervisory authority.

The website is solely prepared as a general information service and for informational purposes for the Company’s customers as well as the public (Visitors). Visitors can find information about, among other things, the companies’ products, investment results, news and articles.

Innolab Capital ApS was founded in 2018. We note that some of the return and key ratios shown on the website are before the founding and therefore not from the Funds, but from prior return on investment strategies.

The content of this website has been prepared for information purposes only and cannot replace financial advice or be considered as an offer to, or an invitation to buy, retain or sell shares in the Companies.

The companies cannot be held liable for losses caused by disposals – or lack of same – made on the basis of the information on this website. Historical returns are not a guarantee of future returns and investments may be associated with risk of loss which cannot be determined in advance. This information is subject to any errors.

The content on the website does not replace a legal, accounting or other professional counseling as well as due diligence process. You should always seek concrete advice from third parties regarding your own financial circumstances, including taxation, and so on before buying or selling investment certificates, shares and other investment products.

Investors are made aware that investments can be associated with risk of loss that cannot be determined in advance, as well as past returns and price developments cannot be used as a reliable indicator of future returns and price developments.

Prior to investing, significant investor information, prospectus, investor intelligence and articles of association for the relevant investment fund is thoroughly reviewed. The documents and other information about the individual funds, including risks, are available through this the website. This website’s information, returns and calculations have been prepared to be as accurate and correct as possible, just as we always strive to use as credible sources as possible. However, this cannot replace the Visitor’s discretion and evaluation of the material, as well as the Company cannot be held liable for errors and omissions and the accuracy of information and calculations. This website is protected by copyright law. All or part of this website may not be reproduced without the Company’s written permission. All information contained in this website can be changed at any time without notice.

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  • Innolab Capital ApS is a registered alternative investment fund in accordance with section 3, paragraph 1. 1, No. 1 of Act No. 598 of 12 June 2013 on Alternate Investment Fund Managers, etc. (“AIFM Act”) and Section 2 of Executive Order No. 782 of 26 June 2013 on Alternative Investment Funds.

    In accordance with Paragraph 5 (1) of the AIFM Act 3, and section 4 of Law No. 403 of 28 April 2014, this website addresses only (i) professional investors residing in Denmark and (ii) investors residing in Denmark who undertake to invest at least EUR 100,000 and to declare in writing that they are familiar with the planned investment and the associated risks. By a professional investor is meant investors who meet the requirements of section 3 (1) of the AIFM Act. 1, No. 37.

    The content of this website has been prepared solely for the purpose of informing professional investors. The website is not and should not be perceived as an offer or invitation to buy or sell securities and investment certificates (investment funds or other securities).

    Information, calculations, assumptions, estimates and expectations on this website do not replace the reader’s own assessment of the market. The disclosed information is solely Innolab Capital ApS’s expectations and does not constitute advice. Innolab Capital ApS is not responsible for any losses that visitors have suffered from decisions or actions taken with the website as a basis.

  • Disclaimer

  • Innolab Capital ApS er en registreret alternativ investeringsfond i overensstemmelse med § 3, stk. 1, nr. 1 i lov nr. 598 af 12. juni 2013 om forvaltere af alternative investeringsfonde mv. (“FAIF-loven”) samt § 2 i bekendtgørelse nr. 782 af 26. juni 2013 om alternative investeringsfonde.

    I henhold til FAIF-lovens § 5, stk. 3, og § 4 i lov nr. 403 af 28. april 2014 henvender denne hjemmeside sig kun til (i) professionelle investorer bosiddende i Danmark og (ii) investorer bosiddende i Danmark, som forpligter sig til at investere mindst 100.000 euro og skriftligt erklære, at de er bekendt med den påtænkte investering og de dermed forbundne risici. Ved en professionel investor forstås investorer, der opfylder betingelserne i FAIF-lovens § 3, stk. 1, nr. 37.

    Indholdet af denne hjemmeside er udarbejdet udelukkende med det formål at informere professionelle investorer. Hjemmesiden er ikke og bør ikke opfattes som et tilbud eller opfordring til at købe eller sælge værdipapirer og investeringsbeviser (investeringsforeninger eller andre værdipapirer).

    Oplysninger, beregninger, antagelser, skøn og forventninger på denne hjemmeside erstatter ikke læserens egen vurdering af markedet. De offentliggjorte oplysninger er udelukkende Innolab Capital ApS’ forventninger og udgør ikke rådgivning. Innolab Capital ApS er ikke ansvarlig for eventuelle tab, som besøgende har lidt på baggrund af beslutninger eller handlinger udført med hjemmesiden som grundlag.